Diane Peterson Keys

Profile Updated: September 29, 2016
Residing In Murrieta, CA USA
Spouse/Partner David Keys
Occupation Happily retired teacher
Children, grandchildern Jennifer, born 1973; Melinda, born 1975; Michelle, born 1977; Brandon, born 1980; Bethany, born 1983; More…and Tyler, born 1986. Grandchildren: Will and Gabe, twins, 10; Lincoln, 9; Tommy and Lizzy, twins, 7; Kendall, 7; Addison, 7; Reagan 5; Aubrey, 5; Sebastian, 4; Sadie, 4; Madeline, 3; Emerson, 1; Jackson, 5 months.
Yes! Attending Reunion

Attended CSM, was in a terrible car accident, I moved to southern California to be near a favorite uncle who was dying from cancer and ended up staying here, went to CSULA, worked at BofA, married Howard Lutz and we had 6 children, was a stay-at-home mom, homeschooled for a few years, Howard died in a car crash (we were married 22 years), married David Keys (have been married to David for 22 years so far) who has 3 children from a previous marriage and we have a wonderful life. Went back to school when my youngest was in junior high and graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a BA and a teaching credential. I actually walked with my 2nd daughter, Melinda, which was a joy. Earned my master's degree two years later. David and I have not had time to travel much, but we did spend a spring month in Europe traveling to places I had only dreamed about: Brussels, London and Bath, Paris, Berlin, Auschwitz (Poland), back to Germany to see Frankfurt, Venice (my favorite), Florence, Rome, Pompeii, and back to England to head for home. If I were rich, I would like to take my grandchildren with me and see all of it again. Have been teaching in Anaheim for the past 16 years and in 45 more days, on June 17th, I will officially retire. I am looking forward to spending time with my children and grandkiddies, catching up on all the books I want to read. I have been teaching an Art Colony program for the past 10 years, but my own art interests currently lie in mixed media art journaling. Our home is in Murrieta (near Temecula) but we currently stay in a tiny cottage behind my daughter's home, since I work in Anaheim (for 46 more school days, did I mention that?) since it is close to school and our home is over an hour away through nasty morning traffic.) Once we get to be at home more than just weekends, come visit if you are in the area. We are an hour north of San Diego, and live 5 minutes away from the Temecula Wineries.

School Story

I think my high school years were spent waiting for the Y-dances and going to the Cinnamon Tree. I do wish I could thank Mr. Fasman for making me love history, which ended up becoming my major, and Mr. (oh, dear, I am old and having a brain freeze. Maybe someone remembers his name...he was young, took several of us to Half Moon Bay and was told to stop doing that!) Husband David and I walked the halls of Carlmont several years ago and even though it has been almost 40 years later, I recognized him, and got a chance to tell him that he was one of my favorite teachers. I loved going to Pick n- Pay (I think that was the name) to get sandwiches at their counter at the back of the store. I would eat a grocery sack full of food and never gain weight. Wish it were that easy today! There was the time some upperclassmen tried to sell me to cars that were exiting the parking lot. I also loved going to Y dances and going up to San Francisco to go to warehouse dances. The song, "We built this city on rock and roll," was our experience. You would get to the venue where the dance was to be held and someone had moved the stage to another warehouse. It was always a challenge to locate the new site.

Places you have visited

We spent a month in Europe traveling to cities I had wanted to visit all my life: England, Belgium, Amsterdam, France, Italy, Germany, and Auschwitz in Poland (which was traumatic, but most memorable.) We did all of the touristy highlights, but a favorite day was wandering through narrow streets (getting lost) in Venice. Also visited Bahamas (Maui is better) and the Virgin Islands.

Your plans for the next 10 years

Travel to Europe again to revisit some of the same sites (we are creatures of habit.) When I taught 6th grade, I fell in love with Egyptian history and would love to visit Egypt before it becomes to dangerous to travel there. We never made it to Ireland and Scotland, and although I don't drink, I want to visit an Irish pub and want them to be singing songs like "What Do We Do With A Drunken Sailor?"

Hobbies & interests

Art! For 16 years, I taught an Art Colony program I developed, but now that I am retired, I have time to focus on my own interests. I am especially fond of Art journaling and Bible journaling (although I am still in Genesis.) I also love collage, line art and watercolor. My husband and I like to climb a small mountain behind our house. He says it is a hill, but I consider it a mountain! I am especially fortunate that my best friend of 46 years and her husband moved from Maryland to California, 13 houses away from me, and we share a love of art, meals, stamp conventions....life is good.

Words of wisdom for 2016 graduates of Carlmont High

Faith, family, friends, community. Go out there and make a difference in the world. Find God, create the family life you dream about, love your friends, and serve your community.

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Happy Birthday (a few days early.) Remembering fun times. Hope your birthday is wonderful.

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Happy Birthday, Erica....enjoy celebrating this weekend. I still remember Bob Emery running down a corridor and yelling to me that you had arrived (for a visit) at Carlmont. There was a big commotion with everyone spreading the word. You were always cause for celebration. Hope your day is special. D

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Posted on: Jul 31, 2016 at 2:04 PM

I just posted to Joan that we spoke on the phone years (and years) ago and I lost touch with you. When I last looked on this site, you weren't there. I just looked again and lo and behold....there you are! You know, David and I live pretty close to you now. We are in Murrieta/Temecula area (down the road apiece from the wineries. Would love to get together sometime. Right now I am in Texas, visiting with oldest daughter and their five kiddies. Life is so good....love your upbeat post.

Jul 31, 2016 at 1:57 PM

Hi Joan, beautiful family. Last time I saw you, you tried to get my first husband to sign a petition to keep John and Yoko Ono in the U.S.! I still chuckle at that. Unfortunately, he died in an automobile accident. Would love to see you. Years ago, I got a phone call from Sally Smythe. I think she was in the San Diego area at the time, but haven't heard from her since. She isn't on our class roster. Do you know what happened to her?

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Posted on: Jul 31, 2016 at 1:48 PM

Hi Erica, I wish you knew how many classes (taught grades 4th through 6th) I used you as an example for students to follow. I am pretty sure you were the kindest person to ever walk C Corridor. So sad I lost touch with you!