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Judy Bosse

Judy Bosse passed away in our sophmore year.from injuries she sustained when she was struck by a car.

I remember Judy as a perky, very friendly and outgoing person.

Sharyn Fasenau Bruno

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09/02/16 11:01 AM #6    

Judy Jackson (Harris)

I transferred to Carlmont midway in my freshman year. We had just moved from Chicago. It was quite a culture shock and I was without friends. Judy was the first person to reach out to me in friendship. It meant so much to me, and I cherish the memory of her vivid, bright spirit.

09/03/16 08:48 AM #7    

Melody Marion (Cole)

I remember that day at school when she was hit by a car.  Cars would race down Alameda as they turned right from San Carlos Ave.  Now there is a stop sign right near where she was hit.  Everytime I stop at the sign I remember what happened to facilitate putting a stop sign there.  It is something that happened that you never forget.

09/03/16 10:16 AM #8    

Marilyn Myhre (Louie)

It remains a haunting memory from high school, but I remember Judy as a spunky and happy person...a big smile on her face.  My heart will forever go out to her family including her brother Jim who had to relive the tragic event everyday he showed up for school afterwards. May you continue to RIP, Judy. 

09/03/16 08:13 PM #9    

Cherrie Neermann (Hinds)

For almost a decade after Judy died, I would have reoccuring dreams about her.  The dream would always end with the understanding that she hadn't died afterall.  I believe it was my subconscious just trying to rectify what I felt was a horrible wrong.  The concept that bad things happy to good people was probably what was at the root of it all.  To this day, I can picture her joyful, bubbly persona.  She touched many people in her short life.















09/04/16 08:10 AM #10    

Corey Hitchcock

I remember Judy as such a lively spark of a girl. We had PE together and I remember getting in trouble with her with Verhousky.  I seem to remember ther was another layer to the trajedy of her deat..that her boyfirend, who was older, was in the car race that killed her. That always seemed like an unfathomable fate to me..if true. Amazing how well I remember that day and the funeral. I remember the assistant dean crying. A sad end to a sweet spirit. SO sorry for your loss Sharon. I don't think I realized you were best friends in my sophomore haze. 

09/05/16 01:54 AM #11    

Elaine Gluck (Balesteri)

I remember the day Judy was hit by the car. I was coming back from lunch when I heard the sirens. It was a terrible day. I attended her service  and will never forget how she looked 😢 May she still rest in peace🙏

09/05/16 04:13 PM #12    

Christine East

Judy sat next to me in Social Studies.  I remember how funny she was.  

I also remember the outfit her mother had made for Judy that she gave to Sharon Nichols.  It was a blue/turquoise skirt wool tweed like and matching sleveless top worn with a blouse.  How heartbreaking to make a lovely outfit for your daughter and have her die and never live to wear it.   It was kind of Sharon to take it and must have been tough to wear it.

Even today it breaks my heart to think of the life that was stolen from her.




09/05/16 06:56 PM #13    

Linda Barnard

I just got back from lunch in my car and there was a crowd in a circle.  I couldn't get into the student parking lot so I parked in a lot across the street.  I got to the crowd and there was Judy.  I'll never forget how sad it was so see her.


09/22/16 07:58 PM #14    

Carol Bechthold (Egan)

I meant Judy in grammar school, I loved her spirit. We grew up in the same neighbor hood.I loved spending time at her home. She had a piano in her bedroom and I thought that was so cool.I will never forget the last day of her life, tragic.




10/07/16 09:08 AM #15    

Sharon Nichols (Roberts)

On the 50th anniversary of Judys death, in 2013, I talked to her younger brother John who lives in Oregon. He lived with his father. Their mother passed away and his brother Jim had died years earlier.   I haven't heard from him again, but I believe his father is also gone now. There were no children born from either brother. 

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