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Brock Schramm

Brock R. Schramm, PFC in the US Marine Corps, died in Vietnam on April 25, 1968.  He was killed in action during combat when his helicopter crashed in Quang Tri.

This information confirmed in "U.S. Military Fatal Casualties of the Vietnam War for Home-State-of-Record: California", page 308, and in the files.

Many thanks to Bill and Kathleen Trenam who informed us of Brock's passing.

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08/24/16 09:35 PM #1    

Linda Barnard

Years ago, in the 80's, I learned that Brock had died in Viet Nam.  I think he went down in a helicopter, a gruesome fate as so many over there were.  Actully, all losses were gruesome, even for survivors.  I don't remember Brock in high school but in sixth grade, we were interested in each other, though I treated him like he had cooties.  Bad loss.


08/24/16 10:07 PM #2    

Nancy Eranosian

Linda, you're right - Brock died in a helicopter crash.  He joined us at Carlmont in our freshman and sophomore years, but must have transferred because he didn't graduate with us.  However, we thought it respectful to add his name to our In Memory page.

08/25/16 07:45 AM #3    

Bill Noteman

Here is the casualty report on Brock. Died 4 months after he arrived .. :(

Brock Rowland Schramm
ON THE WALL: Panel 52E Line 11
This page Copyright© 1997-2015 Ltd.
Home of Record: San Carlos, CA
Date of birth: 08/02/1948
Service Branch: United States Marine Corps
Grade at loss: E2
Rank: Private First Class
Promotion Note: None
ID No: 2158839
Length Service: 02
Unit: VMO-6, MAG-36, 1ST MAW, III MAF
Start Tour: 12/21/1967
Incident Date: 04/25/1968
Casualty Date: 04/25/1968
Age at Loss: 19
Location: Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam
Remains: Body recovered
Casualty Type: Hostile, died outright
Casualty Reason: Helicopter - Crew
Casualty Detail: Air loss or crash over land
Status Date: Not Applicable; was not MIA
Status Change: Not Applicable; was not MIA
Repatriated: Not Applicable; was not MIA
Identified: Not Applicable; was not MIA

08/25/16 09:31 AM #4    

Robert Mayer

Brock and I were very good friends in junior high school attending Central School. We were in cub scouts together and friends at Carlmont. I new of his death in VietNam and his name is on the Viet Nam memory wall in Sacramento.

Bob Mayer

08/25/16 07:22 PM #5    

Linda Barnard


I lived in Auburn, CA in the 80's and as soon as I knew of the memorial, I went down there and was very moved by seeing his name and touching the engraving.  Though we were just kids when he used to come by, I still have fond feelings of that memory of him.  I'm glad you are remembering him here too.  It is good he is not forgotten after all of these years.


Linda Barnard


08/25/16 07:24 PM #6    

Linda Barnard

Bill Noteman,


thank you for sharing that record on Brock Schramm and remembeting him.  I'm glad he is not forgotten.


Linda Barnard

08/26/16 06:30 AM #7    

Bill Noteman

You're welcome Linda,... Being a VietNam Vet I went back to DC for the 25th anniversary celebration of the wall. Stood with my hands on both Brock and Lars Sundells' names looking into the reflection. Were some very emotional and healing moments. All this stirs the embers of a space in time for me and reminds me that you can take the boy out of the war but it is harder to take the war out of the boy. They may be gone but will never be forgotten. Thank you Nancy for sending the message the other day about him. We shared some great laughs at Carlmont.  Embrace each day with gratitude and remember to Live, Love and Laugh every day ..    See you in October.

08/27/16 09:08 AM #8    

LaRue Wohler (LaRussa)

Brock Schramm was a classmate in grammer school and at Carlmont. I ran into Brock just before his 3rd tour of  duty in Viet Nam. I asked him why he wanted to go again. His response was that he felt that he needed to. He was definatley a special individual and a hero.

A few years ago I was in Washington DC and I found him on the Viet Nam Memorial. He's one classmate that I'll never forget.

08/27/16 11:41 AM #9    

Linda Barnard

LaRue, thank you for that picture.  And Bill, thank you for the detail.  Have a good time at the reunion.

08/30/16 02:27 PM #10    

Tom Mc Neill

Brock and I were very good friends in the sixth grade at Central School in San Carlos.  We would pal around  together, and I would occasionally help him with his paper route.  He spent allot of time at my house. Even at the age of twelve, he knew he wanted to be a Marine some day.  He was considered one of the tougher guys in school at the time, but was always a good friend to me.  My family moved to the Washington D.C. area when I was in the seventh grade, and I lost contact with Brock.  Although we moved back the next year, we lived in Belmont and I went to a different junior high than Brock.  I never knew he attended Carlmont, as our paths never crossed.  Brock was a good friend, and I am sure he was an outstanding Marine.

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