In Memory

James Clark

James Ryan Clark passed away on November 8, 1988, in San Mateo County, CA.

This information provided by the California Death Index 1940-1987.

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05/12/16 10:09 AM #1    

Margaret Cummins (Ana)

(James) Ryan Clark.......1966? Knight Riders


08/18/16 02:08 PM #2    

Dina-Jane Wightman (Cotton)

This photo is great.  These guys were so cool.  A funny mention in Herb Cane's

column mentioned Jim Clark having to leave a gig, due to his Mom wanted to go home.


08/18/16 10:49 PM #3    

Margaret Cummins (Ana)

08/19/16 03:38 PM #4    

Dina-Jane Wightman (Cotton)

So great, was that at the Cinnamon dance club?

OH so many years ago,


09/02/16 12:32 PM #5    

Judy Jackson (Harris)

Knight Riders. Cinnamon Tree. What great music to dance to. I had a crush on Ryan Clark and remember Butch Daniels too.

09/02/16 03:28 PM #6    

Dina-Jane Wightman (Cotton)

I think we all had a crush on him.

09/03/16 10:29 AM #7    

Marilyn Myhre (Louie)

I know I had a crush on him.  I was thrilled when we were paired up to march together at graduation and sat together while we received our diplomas!!  My dad took a 8mm movie of me walking with Ryan--a wonderful treasure to have.  Loved the band and had so much fun at the Cinnamon Tree. 

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